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Hi Andrey
so if I understand correct, you added now a new cable from battery + via a new relay and a new fuse direct to the + of ignition coil. The relay is triggered by a new cable direct from key switch (Klemme15) .
The cable between battery + and starter is still the original 50mm² cable.
So to see how the voltage drop is at the ignition coil you can measure this directly at the coil not on the point you showed above.
What value for the fuse you put in?
Hello Jurgen,

Yep I added relay and direct line, with no success..coil of the relay is still powered from ign. switch and voltage drop shut off the relay :lol: :lol: :lol: I remove the relay and replaced it with on/off switch....still engine starts when starter power is shut off. When engine is hot is not noticeable, because engine starts immediately , but when cold...just by inertia. I assume that I have problem in distributor too or related. I notice that 6-th cylinder is not working on idle. There is just no spark or very weak one. Change the spark plug, the boot...no change. I'm really start to annoy my self.

Hello Andrey

first you must remove the large voltage drop during starting. This is quite not normal.
As you changed to 12V what new starter are you using?
You need a good 12V battery with 80AH or more and good plus and ground cable direct to the starter to check.
Hello Jurgen,

Unimog starter is unique and there is no 12V direct fitment. I dig internet for a week in every possible way and finally I read somewhere (maybe just here) , what starter will fit with some modification, which is strange as people are wandering from years for solution. I can put a smaller gasoline starter instead of diesel (they can be found everywhere), but the bolts are really pain to installed and that stopping me.

Any way stater rotate like crazy and I really doubt that the ground is bad...but I'll put additional ground to engine..ot replace a ground master switch.
Hello Andrey

you don't answered my question, or better what I really want to know.
What are the electrical parameter of your new starter?
And is the new starter turning the engine with the same speed as the original starter?
As the M180 and M130 motors are mainly used in 12V cars it must be possible to find a solution with less voltage drop.
Hello All,

it's raining out here, so no work outside. This days, the goal is to update ignition system. I was able to find some W113 distributor *cast iron one' and it\s looks like direct replacement of stock one. I bought new distributor cap and finger (this can be still found in normal auto parts reseller)...then the plans changed, as internal parts of distributor looks very similar to VW Golf 2 distributor and BMW M10 one that I have from previous projects. So I butchered all of them and make one compilation with w113 distributor body, VW hall sensor, BMW shaft and VW advance weights, but ditch the idea for now. Then I decide just to update existing system, I mean cap, finger and cables that I both and tonight I made this..
0-02-05-7518b49459b2825aa02c92952fa8c29f1e20458aa28c11efb773fa801ea2e943_a66979e0def846c3.jpg (266.12 KiB) 971 mal betrachtet
0-02-05-63ba722cdb253f0ca8b00b5c9aeb687f75fae5d222dd373476e8330ac6a0b730_8f55d89520f9e57.jpg (269.19 KiB) 971 mal betrachtet
0-02-05-0933027b4de0cdf4e5dc5068e5291eca7b3e00d58d3b9a4248fda5330902d788_a119dff85819cf0e.jpg (201.05 KiB) 971 mal betrachtet
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