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Hello All,

It was fight. I wiggled the pipes may be an hour. At previous repair somebody add Auspuff Ziment and make my life miserable. Anyway the pipes are 42mm and I bought 2 gaskets 41x56x21mm...this is the only available as far as next size is 45mm inner diameter. I made new bushing in order to fit new gaskets, weld one hole (obviously from bad ground of welder of previous repair) add 150mm flex joint and new joint between mid-pipe and downpipe. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the job...too tired now.

yep...I really hate exhaust repair
This will not work...

....me thinking and laying on the grass 30 min away from my home, waiting ignition module (local Bulgarian made) to cool down.

so I push myself and finished project of Golf 2 distributor (heavy reworked).
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Hi Andrey,

for some of the old MB engines you will find complete kits including new timing chain and all parts, but I don't now if also for the M180. But as this motor is not only used on the unimog 404 the chance is good if you look on normal cars spare parts.
If you lost the slider now don't let the motor run as now the timing chain can skip by some chain links. In that case you ruin the motor
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