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Hello Andrey,
if the chain is worn and therefore too long, the timing marking on the sprocket does not match
Hello Helmut,

I was able to rotate the engine till TDC 1-st cylinder (6 Gang and some effort :sweat_smile: ). The mark of camshaft seems to be almost there, but the problem is, that the mark is behind 'the spoke' of timing gear, instead of opening ...like into Jurgen picture. So I can see the mark just with the phone switch to front camera...technology..ha-ha-ha. I wonder is this normal???

Hey Andrey,

i think this is not normal.
The timing gear is normally fixed in postion by a small feather on the camshaft. By this the timing gear can only mounted in one fixed position and I don't think that the delevoper designedthe marking behind a spoke
Hello All,

I unscrew the bolt of camshaft and seems to be ok...the key is there...I really don't want to remove the sprocket.
0-02-05-1cfe9068b4389ac51425b73bc263f76fd2dccb5abd9bc8b9bec44af8b4932090_8c1b4fa861df592b.jpg (264.18 KiB) 652 mal betrachtet
The broken timing chain guide...It\s really rare and at least 200 Euro with long delivery, so I made one from Polyamid
IMG_0263.jpg (56.37 KiB) 652 mal betrachtet
IMG_0260.jpg (73.54 KiB) 652 mal betrachtet

I\ve opened the tensioner, looks like this


accept ..ball is missing. I've cut an old bearing and used a ball to complete the system. Unfortunately the plastic cap is very tight and almost pressed fitting. Additional friction is added from inner surface of piston (rauf whit mark of drill bit) , which result in absent of movement of the ball. I reassembled the tensioner and valve cover, start the engine, but still there is knocking sound. Next step will be to make a new end cap with inner thread and to make fully mechanical tensioner.


P.S and I still have not idea how this tensioner works...ball and cap are some kind of one way valve, the oil should come from some kind of oil storage/valley above the unit and somehow pumped thru tensioner

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